Monday, December 3, 2007

Spring Break for Adults.

So you just bought that new Malibu Strings bikini, and you are trying to figure where in the world you want to travel. Here is our guide to some of the most exciting destinations on the planet. Although “Spring Break” technically happens in the Spring, there is no reason you can’t have fun at these destinations all yearr round. It is better to think of Spring Break as more a frame of mind rather than a time of year. Here is our top five list:

1) Riviera Maya, Mexico – There might not be a better place on the planet to where you Malibu Strings bikini than Mexico. The beaches here are fun and uninhibited and the night life is hotter. The Riviera Maya encompasses a large area of Mexico including Cancun. There are many well established resorts, which all are great choices, but we recommend Le Meridien Cancun Resort and Spa. This breathtaking resort sits on a beautiful stretch of beach and features amazing pools. The "upscale, Mexican-style rooms" at this resort have sliding doors that open onto the Caribbean and Nichupté Lagoon.

2) Negril, Jamaica – The resorts in Negril sit on one of the most amazing stretch of beach in the world. For a more upscale stay we recommend the Grand Lido Negril. For a more wild vacation, we recommend Hedonism II, the very definition of the “Spring Break” state of mind.

3) South Florida – Miami could have easily been number 1 on our list, but it faced some pretty fierce competition. The big trend Miami is now luxury. We recommend the newly opend St. Regis but you will do just fine at Starwood's new Atlantic.

4) Dominican Republic – The biggest party happens between the 15 bars and three discos in the five all-inclusive hotels that make up the Barceló Bávaro Palace. This is the perfect place to do body shots off of a stranger’s stomach but during the day you can lounge on some of the most beuatiful beaches in the world. The beach here are hot!

5) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Cabo is quickly becoming the Malibu Strings capital of the world. The resorts here are first class and the beaches are even better. We recommend heading to Los Cabos, 15 miles away from Cabo San Lucas, where the Sea of Cortez touches the mountainous desert. We sugdest the One&Only Palmilla, a 172-room enclave with an Old Mexico look—iron-studded doors, custom-painted tiles, whitewashed walls, an old bell tower—and luxurious trappings, such as 24-hour personal butler service, beds on swings for lounging by the sea and an aromatherapy turndown menu.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Crazy Sexy Mortgage

You have heard that interest rates have dropped, but is now the right time to get a new mortgage or refinance?

Mortgage rates have stayed relatively low with the recent interest rate drops, but they are still considerably higher than the where they were two years ago. Many fear that the mortgage rates will ultimately go higher, so now the right time to pull the trigger?

Here are some considerations:

1) 15-year versus 30-year debate

“What can I afford on a monthly basis?”
The mortgage payment is only part of what you will pay to live in your home. You still need to think about your monthly expenses. Here are a couple of things to consider: groceries, utilities, insurance, car payments. Furthermore, you should also budget for your house’s general upkeep.
A 30-year mortgage will have a lower monthly payment and a higher interest rate than a 15-year mortgage. You will have a smaller monthly obligation but you'll pay more for your house over time because you're paying it off with interest for a longer period.

On the other hand, a 15-year mortgage will have a higher monthly payment and a lower interest rate so you'll pay less for your house because you're paying it off in a shorter period.

For most first time buyers, taking a 15-year mortgage is not a good idea. The higher monthly payment associated with the 15-year mortgage is usually too high.
However, for home buyers with sufficient income, the 15-year loan might be a good idea.

2) Fixed rate vs. adjustable-rate

This question really depends on how long you plan to be in your house. This something you probably can’t be too certain about, but you probably have a pretty good gut feeling about.

You might be single right now and plan on buying a small place, like a condo. Or your are just starting a family, and you know you will need more space for your growing family.

Whatever the answer to this question is will determine if it make sense for you to get a fixed-rate or adjustable rate mortgage.

A fixed rate mortgage will lock you into a rate for the length of your loan, while an adjustable rate loan with adjust in accordance with the interest rate. The adjustable rate loan could be substantially lower than the fixed rate loan in the short term, but there is always a danger they could raise.

In conclusion, if you know that you will be in your home for a long period of time, the fixed rate mortgage is probably the right decision. However, if you see your self being in the home for only a couple of years, the adjustable rate is a good choice.

3) Work out the dollars

This is a simple exercise of calculating how much interest you will pay over the course of the loan. This is where you most role the dice. On paper the adjustable rate loan will always look more attractive. To make the final decision, you really have to ask your self how much risk you would like to take on.

Right now the interest rates are almost at historic lows. To say the rates will stay this low over time is hard to say…out bet is to with the fixed rate.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Incorporate - Protect your assets.

Many people work hard to start a new business but never consider the risk to personal assets if something were to go wrong. Incorporating can protect personal assets by creating a barrier between you and your company. Furthermore incorporating can help you save on taxes, as well as add legitimacy to your business. An “Inc” or “LLC” after your business name not only looks and sounds professional, but IS professional – it sets you apart from your competitors. And, you can incorporate online – really inexpensively. You don’t need to hassle with a lawyer or figure out how to do it yourself – online services are inexpensive and reliable…They get it done for you so you can worry about your business…Incorporate today to protect your assets!

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Las Vegas – Is there a more entertaining city on the planet?

For those who have never been to Las Vegas, what have you been waiting for? Las Vegas is a feast for the senses. If you plan to travel to Las Vegas these are the places you must see:

1) The Bellagio Fountains
2) The erupting Volcano at the Mirage
3) The Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas
4) The canals at The Venetian
5) The Shops at Ceasar’s Palace
6) The entire Wynn.

What is the best kept secret in Las Vegas? The observation deck of the Eiffel Tower is the perfect place to view the Bellagio Fountain show. Furthermore, the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower is absolutely amazing!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Latest Trends in Travel

Travel Trends & Destinations You Can't Ignore
Today's travel is unique - it's not like you're travel of old. First of all - it's fun to go to new places...Have you thought of these travel destinations?

(1) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico ... what can I say, it's fun, fun, fun; the airfare is cheap, the hotel rooms (in the right hotel) are beautiful and within reason, and travel from the U.S. is pretty simple. For nude or topless sunbathing check out Westin Beach, Twin Dolphin Beach, and Playa San Pedro: (2) Cancun ... travel to beautiful Cancun and enjoy beautiful blue ocean - it will take your breath away, or visit some historic pyramids - either way, relax or explore, you'll love it. Plus did I mention topless beaches? Check out the Blue Bay Resort and the Desire Resort; (3) Jamaica... traveling from the airport to your hotel destination may not be easy, but it's interesting (especially the stops along the way)...Once you're at your hotel, there are so many fun things to do - ride horses along the beach, travel to the beautiful waterfalls, or just sit and be lazy on the beach. For nude or topless beaches, check out the Super Clubs resorts (Hedonism II, Hedonism III, Grand Lido Braco, and Grand Lido Negril)

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